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[C3,DS] Harlequin Norns 
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Post [C3,DS] Harlequin Norns
Rather than traveling around looking for new kinds of Norn, he started to play around with the genomes he already had - everything from existing Norn breeds through to the plants and critters found on the Shee Ark and the Capillata. The base for most of his experimentation was the ever-faithful ChiChi Norn - and as a result these new Norn Breeds share nearly identical genomes. The Harlequin Norns are the third new breed created by the Lone Shee's genetic engineering. He wanted these Norns to look like nothing he'd ever seen before! They're certainly unlike anything we've ever seen!

The Harlequin Norns

Oh how they laughed. The latest result of the Lone Shee's efforts in experimenting with the genetics of Norn appearance had caused quite a stir amongst his pet **Astro Norns.

These new Norns were once again made by altering the genes of a ChiChi Norn. But these ones were ChiChis in wolves' clothing - or rather clown costume! For they were some of the most unusual Norns the Lone Shee had ever seen - their bright, whacky fur patterns were so unusual they were funny. And this made his pet Magma Norns laugh, much to the annoyance of the Lone Shee and the shame of his two new Harlequins.

Through his experimentations he'd been striving towards increasingly more striking and interesting fur patterns. He was very chuffed with his two previous Norn breeds but he wanted more. As he had got more familiar with the appearance related genes of the humble ChiChi Norn he had soon realised their potential for the dramatic. The genetic stage was set and waiting, he just had to move out into the spotlight and do the performance.

And what a performance these new Norns had been - especially in the eyes of his pet Magma Norns who would laugh at anything odd without hesitation. But the Lone Shee and his kin had hesitation, and it was quite clear to him that despite their freakish appearance these new Norns were all ChiChis on the inside. They needed the same respect that he gave all of his Norns - they were not mutated toys for his pet Norns to poke fun at.

He could try and teach his pet Norns otherwise, but he knew it would be in vain. They had no shame, for they were very much Norns and not Shee like he was. They could not see beyond first impressions, or even beyond their own noses. They were limited little creatures, lovingly so - and endearing in their simplicity. But they could be cruel as easily as they could be cute. This was not a welcome place for his new clown-like Norns and begrudgingly he knew something had to be done about it.

He took his time to decide on their fate. But soon the Lone Shee took his freakish Harlequins and solemnly sent them off through a Warp portal. The Warp was already filled with a mass of bizarre Norns and mutant creatures, they would soon find themselves a good home - so no need for the tears of a clown or of the Shee.

As they left he caught sight of two of his pet Astro Norns sniggering to themselves. He pointed at them menacingly and they soon went quiet. They knew what he was thinking: "Be careful or you will be next!"

**This was originally written as Magma Norns, but for the sake of continuity has been changed to Astro Norns. The Magma norns were released after the breed packs, and before the Chichi clone breeds as an extra incentive to buy Creatures Exodus which contained both C3 and DS on the disc. They were therefore known by many as a breed, but were never given a place in the Docking Station story. When Creature Labs released them as a stand alone extra breed prior to the release of the Fallow Norn Chichi breed, Frimlin was given the task of providing them with their own story.

Read on for more... Next installment - The Fallow Norns!

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Thu Nov 26, 2009 9:27 am
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Post Re: [C3,DS] Harlequin Norns

Thu Nov 26, 2009 11:34 am
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