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Welcome to The Grove! Here are the Rules... 
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The Nymph (Administrator)
The Nymph (Administrator)
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Post Welcome to The Grove! Here are the Rules...
Welcome to the Forum!
Join In!
This forum was created to allow free flow of ideas, information, support, and provide a general outlet for creativity and fun. Please don't be afraid to speak up and post about anything, after all the best way to get help is to ask for it! By the same token, don’t hesitate to provide someone with help, or your opinion. So you aren’t an expert on the subject at hand? Don’t worry over it, often just showing interest and trying to be a friend to someone is of great help. This is an open forum in which your help, insights, commentary, and inspirational messages are valued greatly.

Have Fun!
You can eek out your own little niche in the Grove, and in the hearts and minds of other members by jumping in with both feet to have loads of fun. If you think you are too shy, well then… grab a friend, and make them join too if you have to! This is meant to be a wonderful place to hang out and enjoy the company of others like yourself who enjoy games and all the fun that there is to be had when playing them. Try out new games! It makes for an ever changing and always interesting time, and isn’t that just what I’ve been talking about anyway?? =)

General Rules
1.) Always treat others with respect.
2.) No Obscenity, Harassment, Fraud, Spam, or General Obnoxiousness.
3.) No blinking, obscene, suggestive, nude, harassing, drugs, or contraband avatars.
4.) Don't post material that doesn’t belong to you. If you didn’t make something or weren't part of the team that did, don’t post it!
5.) Do not purposefully circumvent the Language Filters. All content must follow a G/PG-13 rating.
Members who break the General Rules will be warned only twice before being banned from membership for a 24 hour period.

Posting Etiquette
Mind Your Manners
Personal attacks are not only hurtful to the people involved, but are also unfair to the other members of the group. Postings that include a personal attack or slight directed toward anyone will be immediately edited, or deleted.
Members who post such will be warned only twice before being banned from membership.

Remain Sane
This forum is intended to be a haven where you may take flight on the wings of your imagination. It is not a haven for the insane. You will therefore not be allowed to post in a seemingly insane manner unless you are role playing, have an approved Player Character account, and are doing so in the proper role playing forums.
Members who post inappropriately will be warned only twice before being banned from membership.

Stay on Topic
Try to keep threads on topic. If the topic strays from the topic posted in the thread title, please remember to post a new thread to the appropriate forum. You may post a link to the new thread in the original if you feel it's necessary to inform everyone that you are making a new topic. It's hard to remember sometimes, but it makes it so much easier for people who come along later to follow the discussion.
Members who post off topic will be warned only twice before posting priviledges are removed for a 24 hour period.

Post to the Proper Forum
Although all topics of discussion are welcome (so long as they follow a G/PG-13 rating), the forums are divided into subjects that are both welcome on the forum, and generally the most talked about. If you see a forum that fits your topic, post there. The forums are divided and set out as follows:

Grove of the Ancients
Stones of Knowledge - Announcements, and Rules
Greetings Garden - Introductions

The Glade
The Discussion Dogwood - General Chat
The Wellness Willow - Health
Peace Pine - Religion & Spirituality
Oracle Oak - Current Events

The Verdant Meadow
Buckthorn - Comedy
Juniper - Fiction Stories
Rowan - Poetry
Spindletree - Art

The Far Meadow
Faerie Ring - Forum Games
Wildeflower's Knoll - Game Chat
Chistamaria's Treehouse - Freeform RPG

Dôbutsu no mori
Pelly's Post-its - Animal Crossing Hints, Tips, & Chat
The WildeWoods
An Poc Ar Buile - Role Play Chat
Myth Caranthir - Official Grove Role Play Info
Duskwood Stedding - Official Grove Role Play
*Other sanctioned Role Play Forums - Member run RPG's (Ask Admins)

Creatures Grove
Bibble! - General Creatures Chat
Buster's Blueprints - Tricks & Tips
Floral's Fancy - Creatures Keepsakes
Gratch's Gemstones - Gameware Official Downloads
Hardy's Haven - Adoption Agency
Magic's Muddle - Creatures Development

Restricted Posting Areas
The forums located in the Grove of the Ancients, The Glade, and the Verdant Meadow are Member Only Areas. The Far Meadow, is the only place on the forum where both Player Characters and Members alike are allowed to post. The WildeWoods are available for role playing and role play related chat only.
Topics posted outside the appropriate forum will be moved to the proper forum by the Moderators/Administrators, and any members who post outside the proper forums will be informed only twice before posting priviledges are removed for a 24 hour period.

Don't Over-Quote
Assume that members have read earlier posts. Include only the specific information you're responding to, and cut out the rest. This includes extra returns and spaces that reside inside the quote tags.
Members who over-quote will be informed only twice before posting priviledges are removed for a 24 hour period.

Get Caught Up
If you are behind on your reading, there's a good chance that the comment you're about to make or the answer you're about to supply has already been posted by someone else. Please ensure that you have read all of the replies in a thread before posting.

Website links:
When referring to the works of others that may be of interest to other forum members please remember to post a link to the work. Do not post your link directly to a download from any website, but rather to the page where the download can be found. After all, you wouldn’t want everyone to just download from your website, and not see all the hard work you put into your layout now would you? Do not post annoyance links such as those that advertise a product or service, or that point to web pages/sites containing persistant pop-ups purposefully designed to frustrate, annoy, or lock-up the computer systems of other members.

Email links:
Please remember the safety and feelings of others when posting an email address. When members post a properly formatted email address, this forum will automatically convert the address into a link. Regrettably I don't have a way to shut that option off. There are members of the forum who are under the age of thirteen, as well as members who enjoy their privacy. Most members would likely not enjoy finding their email box suddenly bombarded with spam emails because their email address was placed on a spam list by a bot or webcrawler, so I respectfully request that you do not post a properly formatted email address. For example, rather than posting an email address in the conventional way like this:, Please post all email addresses like so: admin(at) or
Members who break the Linking rules will be warned only twice before being banned from the forum.

Remember Private Messaging
Members have two options when posting. You may respond to a member via the forum, or personally. Please remember posting etiquette either way.
Members who have a confirmed complaint against them for harrassment via Private Messaging will have their Private Messaging priviledges removed.

Posting Attachments
When posting attachments make sure that they are of interest to the rest of the members, are virus free, and that they are posted in the proper forum. Be sure you keep to the proper size, and types allowed.
Members who post attachments improperly will be warned only twice before their attachment posting priviledges are removed.

Email Addresses
Member email addresses are set upon registration to the forum, and must be valid for certain forum functions to work properly. These email dependant functions include, completion of registration & activation, notification of private messages, notification of topic replies, password reset, and system information. The following apply to email addresses listed on the forum:
1.) Your email address must be valid in order to complete registration to te forum. If your email address is incorrect, your account cannot be activated, and you will not be able to log in to the forum.
2.) If any member address is not found to be valid, the Administrator or Moderators will ask that it be changed to a valid address.
3.) Should any member refuse to post a valid email address they will be banned from using the forum.
4.) Members under 13, and those concerned about spam are encouraged to hide their email address from the general public. This option can be set in the preferences section of member profiles. Check to ensure that the option Always show my email address is marked as no. If no is selected, the registered email address will only appear to the member and board administrators.

Forum passwords are encrypted before being stored in the SQL tables that hold the information that is required to run the forum. This means that even the administrator cannot see or use your password. This has been implemented for security reasons, and so that no one can impersonate any user without being given their password. If you should lose your password, don't panic! While your password cannot be retrieved, it can be reset. To do this go to the login page and click I've forgotten my password. Follow the instructions and you should be back online in no time.

When you register for the forum, you will be asked to indicate whether you are registering as a Member or as a Player Character. If this is your first registration to the forum you'll want to select Member, as your first account should always be your Member Account. If you are registering a Player Character, please remember that Player Character accounts are only allowed to post in the designated role play sections. Once you have registered, a hidden indicator will be properly set by the forum Administrators. This setting will show other members the status of your account. Account Status can be set as the following:
1.) Administrator - Administrators are the people who have complete control over the forum.
2.) Moderator - Moderators are the people who are able to edit posts and change specific user settings to ensure that all members follow the rules.
3.) Member - The main membership name with which you joined the forum.
4.) Grove NPC - These are Role Play only characters that are controlled by the Game Masters.
5.) Player Character - These are Role Play only characters that are approved by the Game Masters for use in the Role Play forums and are controlled by the Main Members.

This forum option displays a small graphic image below your details in posts. You have the option of creating your own original avatar, or using one of the avatars available in the forum avatar gallery. The following apply to avatars on the forum:
1.) Only one image can be displayed at a time.
2.) The image width can be no greater than 150 pixels.
3.) The image height can be no greater than 150 pixels.
4.) The file size can be no more than 117 KB.
5.) Your avatar must reside on the forums server. This will reduce the possibility of broken avatar image links due to the down time of outside servers. You have the option of uploading from your computer, or uploading from your webspace.
6.) Request has been made by a member of the forums that blinky animated avs not be allowed due to a member having a seizure disorder. Please be considerate of this fact when using an animated avatar.
Those who do not follow the Avatar posting rules will be warned only twice before having their avatar priviledges removed.

The following applies to using the [ img ] tag for image posting on the forum:
1.) The image tag should not be used to post smiley images not already in the Emoticon Gallery.
2.) The image tag should not be abused in member signatures. (see signatures)
3.) The image tag should not be used to post copyrighted images from the webspace of any individual without permission.
4.) Members who wish to link to images hosted on free personal webspace should be aware that the image tag may not work with those hosting sites as they often do not allow outside image linking. Members using these hosts should use an [ url ] link instead, and mention that the image address must be copied and pasted in a new window.
Those who do not follow the Image posting rules will be warned only twice before having their posting priviledges removed for a 24 hour period.

Your signature can be set in the profile section of the user control panel. Your signature will be added by default to all your posts. Even if you set your signature, should you want to stop it from displaying you can do so on a post by post basis by un-checking the attach a signature box on the posting form. The following apply to Signatures posted on the forum:
1.) Signatures must follow the general posting guidlines.
2.) The signature may contain UBB code, but not HTML code.
3.) Signature links must follow the linking guidelines.
4.) The signature should not be used to display an image over 500 x 80.
5.) The signature font must be the normal size.
6.) The signature length may not exceed 255 characters & spaces.
Those who do not follow the signature posting rules will be warned only twice before having their Signature priviledges removed.

Emoticons, otherwise known as smilies are small graphical images which can be used to add expressions of feeling, and are an extra cute way to add emotions to your postings. To use a smiley you should Click Post Reply Then look to the left side of the screen at the small portion of smilies shown, and click on the smiley you wish to use to add it to your post. To see the Complete Emoticon Gallery click View more smilies. The following applies to using smilies on the forum:
1.) Do not abuse the image tag and post extra smilies that are not in the emoticon gallery on the board. This is strictly not allowed.
2.) If there is a smiley that you'd like to see added to the emoticon gallery send a private message to the administrator, or the moderators so that we can vote on whether or not to add the smiley to the forum.
3.) Never abuse the smilies, and the forum by overposting smilies. Posting a great many smilies in a single thread causes the server to lag, and it may possibly crash the forum.
Those who do not follow the smilies posting rules will be warned only twice before having their posting priviledges removed for a 24 hour period.

Universal Bulletin Board Code is a special implementation of HTML that is used while posting on the forum. You can disable BBCode on a per post basis via the posting form. BBCode itself is similar in style to HTML: tags are enclosed in square braces [ and ] rather than < and > and it offers greater control over what and how something is displayed. You may find adding BBCode to your posts is made much easier through a clickable interface above the message area on the posting form.

Members of this forum may create a poll at any time they choose in the forums in which polling options are enabled. To create a poll simply fill in the information in the Poll Creation section at the bottom of the posting form. The following applies to polls:
1.) Polls must follow general posting guidelines.
2.) Polls must contain at least two options to be valid.
3.) Polls can contain no more than 20 options.

Special Role Playing Account Rules
In order to be granted access to post and participate in any Role Play, either official or sanctioned you must do the following:
1.) Log out of the forum so that you can register a new account using the name of your Character. If you wish to role play as yourself, you will need to specify some difference between your Membership account, and your Player Character. For Example: Juicy is the Membership account name, and Juicy Fruit is the Player Character account name.
2.) Use a valid email address to register your account. The Admins/Moderators would like to kindly suggest that you use the same email account for any Player Character accounts that you did for your current member account.
3.) Once you have registered, and your account has been activated, a hidden indicator will be properly set by the forum Administrators. This setting will show other members the status of your account. Your new Player Character Account will remain active only if:
  1. You do not at any time attempt to confuse other members by changing your Account Status settings.
  2. Your Character account is properly linked to your Membership Account. Every Player Character Account not listed as a GroveNPC must be linked to a valid and active Member Account. Player Character to Member Account Linking is to be completed in the Profile section of the User Control Panel.
  3. Any postings for your Player Characters are not found outside the designated areas for Role Play.
  4. You speak only in character with this account or use the proper Out of Character Chat indicators. ((This is OOC, or Out of Character chat.)) Note that the double parenthesis indicates that you are now speaking Out of Character.

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The Nymph (Administrator)
The Nymph (Administrator)
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Post Re: Welcome to The Grove! Here are the Rules...
The Grove Rules have been edited; superfluous sections have been removed, and new Role Playing Account Rules have been added. Please re-read the rules, to be sure that you fully understand them, and agree with them as well. If you do not agree with the rules, please post a message to the admins or moderators to discuss the issues that you have with the rules. If you have any questions about the rules please post here or via PM to the admins or moderators.

"What is the world coming to when people find something they don't understand and don't start poking it to see what it does?" ~Danikat

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