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[History] Albian Geography and Climate 
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Post [History] Albian Geography and Climate
Albian Geography and Climate

The Geography of Albia
The rim of the world is divided by mountain, desert and sea into three regions: Outgard, where the Nornir eggs are to be found; Midgard, ruled (before the Extinction) by the dwellers of the Norn city of Niflheim; and Asgard, a holy land in which lies the great World Tree Yggdrasill, that holds up the Sky.

Outgard is divided from Midgard by the Desert of Volund (named after a mythical metal-smith, as its wind blows as hot as bellows in a forge); Midgard in turn is split from Asgard by the Mountains of the Ragnarok, and Asgard from Outgard by the Meniscus Sea. [Editor's note: Although these names never made it into the game, Albia does bear a close resemblance to the geography described.]

Throughout Albia are found the burrows, towns and cities of both Norns and a variety of other races. Some of these will provide food and shelter for the Norns, and some will harbour dangerous, predatory species, who must be defeated, avoided or pacified.

Climate & Conditions
The discoid nature of Albia leads to a strange atmospheric circulation: moisture evaporates from the seas at the rim, then this less-dense moist air moves inwards (displaced by the higher density dry air, which is flung outwards more by the centrifugal force) towards the centre of the disc, where the moisture condenses into rain. The precipitated water is swallowed underground and returns under centrifugal force to the rim, where it emerges from springs that replenish the seas (Urdr's Well is one such spring). This circulation system is distorted by protruberances on the uninhabited 'faces' of the planet, and this creates several climatic zones:

Outgard is a fairly dry, barren land, with pockets of semi-desert that merge together at the east to form the hot, dry Desert of Volund.

Midgard is altogether greener and more lush, being protected somewhat by the Mountains of the Ragnarok. The more equable climate of Midgard explains why the Norns of Midgard abandoned their semi-nomadic lifestyle in favour of city dwelling.

The Mountains of the Ragnarok are extremely cold, but this is of little consequence, as they are impassable on foot anyway. [Whatever means the ancient Norns might have used for crossing the mountains, the only suitable vehicle available to the latter day Journeyers is a gas ballon (if the user can figure out how to fill it), which can be found in a nearby settlement]. A variable wind crosses the mountains, and its changes of direction are of great significance to Nornir aeronauts.

Asgard is still more lush, being between mountain and sea, and presents a tropical appearance. This partially explains its Elysian connotations in myth, and certainly rewards the weary traveller.

The Meniscus Sea is warm and has a gentle wind, which occasionally drops to a flat calm. The atmospheric circulation causes the wind to cross the sea from west to east during the first part of the day, and east to west later. Leaving one's sails hoisted all day long is therefore a surefire way to end up back where one started!

Night time on Albia is very cold, due to the limited heat capacity of such a narrow atmosphere. Particularly in the dryer areas, shelter is an important requirement once night falls.

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